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FAMILY FEUD: Two Years On, Adebayor Still Not Talking To Family Members

By Published July 17, 2017

Two years after the very public row with members of his family, Togolese international and ex Arsenal and Manchester city FC striker, Emmanuel Adebayor said ‘’I don’t talk to my family anymore.’’

In an interview with the BBC, Adebayor admitted the situation with his family is tough and difficult but did not regret going public with it. ‘’Today I think I made the right decision to go public.’’

‘’I did everything to stay at Real Madrid FC but for my late brother, I couldn’t, he sent an official family letter to the club not to keep me.’’

Adebayor, who said he is today a different person challenged his Mum’s claim that he never gave her $200 said ‘’I build houses and buy cars for people I don’t know.’’

The 33 year oldİstanbul Başakşehir F.K striker said he respects and thank his Mum for who he is today and can never thank her enough ‘’I respect her for being there for me at difficult moments but today I am Adebayor, I have to look after someone as well.’’

‘’I don’t talk to my family but whenever any of them want to talk to me, I am available because I am a believer.’’

‘’Care about me and let me care about you too, don’t just care about my finances and accounts.’’ If you say blood is thicker than water, call to ask if I am okay and not just to ask for money.’’

Adebayor rounded off by saying the issue is just hanging anyway, but I am happy as I am, I am always happy anyway.’’

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