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Dre Losses Trademark War To Gynaecologist Dr Drai

By Published May 16, 2018

Rapper Dr Dre (born Andre Romelle Young) have lost a three-year trademark battle with a qualified gynaecologist whose real name is Dr Draion Burch.

The Still D.R.E. rapper objected to the trademark application of the doctor and whose nickname, Dr Drai is spelled differently but sounds the same as the Crompton born record producer and entrepreneur.

Dr Draion Burch, who has written books such as 20 Things You May Not Know About The Vagina, decided to register his shortened version of his name but the music star - behind hits such as Forgot About Dre, Dre Day and I Need A Doctor - objected, arguing the trademark if registered will confuse the public, and affect his brand.

In a document published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, it said Dr Dre argued that his "name in the recording industry is sufficiently related to applicant's 'MP3 files, magazines, audio books, a series of books and other types of public performance'."

He argued that "it is beyond question that the applicant's marks would be viewed by the public as pointing uniquely and unmistakably to Dr Dre" as Dr Drai had applied to use the name "in connection with services that relate to the (entertainment) industry in which Dr Dre is recognised".

However, the US Patent and Trademark Office dismissed the objection, saying consumers would be able to distinguish between the 53-year-old musician and the medical doctor, who is a public speaker on women's health issues.

It said the rapper "failed to show that a connection would be presumed in the mind of the consuming public when the applicant's Dr Drai marks are used in connection withhis goods and services".

Dr Drai argued he was not using the name in order to further his career as he found the rap lyrics of the former NWA star - who recorded the song B****** Ain't S*** - offensive to the women he worked with.

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