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Divorced Wife Pay Ex-Hubby $7,500 Court Fine In Coins

By Published October 31, 2019

A woman in Pennsylvania USA ordered to pay her cheating ex-husband a $7,500 divorce settlement got the last laugh when she paid him entirely in coins.

The dairy farmer and Mum of two filed for divorce after allegedly discovering her husband had been having an affair with a family friend who had attended their wedding and watched them exchange vows.

Lee approached her bank and after telling staff the whole story, she said the 'beautiful little ladies' were more than happy to assist her in turning the settlement into ten-cent coins, she then sent him ten huge boxes of coins weighing roughly 160kg.

"The court order, and I quote, says I have to pay him 'the sum of $7,500'. That’s it. It does not say how" Lee said.

While Lee appears to have had the last laugh, considering their local bank apparently doesn’t accept coins unless they’ve already been rolled.

Continuing her FaceBook tirade, Lee wrote “So hubby… While you’re sitting at home rolling your dimes. Maybe you can take some time out & think about how difficult MY life has been since abandoning me with two little babies, two farms to take care of & pulling you’re [sic] income out of this family, but not taking any of the bills with you. “How difficult it’s been for your two kids since you’re not around…”

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