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BURKINA FASO: Bronze Monument For Thomas Sankara

By Published October 17, 2018

Thirty-one years after the assassination of former President Thomas Sankara, a memorial stone was last week laid in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso capital by the President Roch Marc Kabore.

The bronze five-meter high statue was erected on ​​four hectares at the headquarters of the National Council of the Revolution, where Sankara was killed by a commando on October 15, 1987 aged 37.

At the unveiling ceremony led by the president Kabore and members of the government, President Marc Kabore said the memory of the country’s former leader, Thomas Sankara remains alive the world over and that he was poised to ensure justice is done in the case of his murder.

In a tweet before the ceremony, Kabore lauded Sankara’s sacrifice for the emancipation and dignity of Burkinabes.

“15 Oct. 2018, the memory of president Thomas Sankara remains alive throughout the world. His sacrifice for the emancipation and dignity of the people of Burkina Faso will not be in vain. I reiterate my commitment to work for the culmination of justice in the case of his murder’’.

Thomas Sankara assumed power following a 1983 coup, he was dubbed the father of the Burkinabe revolution because of his uncompromising choices, while his denunciation of imperialism and his links with the leaders of Libya and Ghana earned him strong enemies abroad.

He was ousted by his comrade, Blaise Compaore who became the president following the assassination, he is currently on exile in Ivory Coast and still carry the burden of allegation as the man behind the assassination of his predecessor.

An international warrant was issued against Compaore in December 2015 on charges of murder and corpse concealment after a prolonged open enquiry in March 2015.

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