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Bill Cosby Rape Case May End In Mistrial

By Published June 15, 2017

After over 30 hours of deliberation without a verdict, the jury deciding Bill Cosby’s fate returned to the judge deadlocked.

“We cannot come to a unanimous consensus on any of the counts,” the sequestered panel of five women and seven men told Montgomery County Judge Steven T. O’Neill.

Meanwhile tempers flared outside the courthouse between supporters of Bill Cosby and those who support his accusers.

To Bill Cosby’s supporters, a jury deadlock was good news while it was heart-breaking for accusers.

Few of the women who have accused the entertainer of sexual assault rushed out of the courtroom together and huddled on a bench, holding hands as one of them cried. As the Cosby accusers and supporters mingled, dozens of news crews circled the area. More than a dozen county employees on their lunch break gathered across the street to watch. And then, noise came from around the corner, attention turned to two drummers, and a woman walking in front of them with a bubble machine and a sign that said “Perseverance to all survivors.”

Earlier, Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt had hailed the initial note about deadlock as victory and justice for the 79-year-old entertainer.

Gloria Allred, the high-profile attorney representing many of Cosby’s accusers, cautioned that the jury’s initial report of a deadlock was not the final word. “There have been cases in which juries were deadlocked … and sometimes they have, on that second go-around, reached a verdict.”

The central accuser in the case, Andrea Constand, tweeted a video of herself shooting hoops from an office in the courthouse at 2pm while debliberations went on. The video ended with the message: “Always follow through.”

The jury remained locked away in a room, trying to end their deadlock as Cosby’s defense lawyer Brian McMonagle asked for a mistrial.









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