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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

The same week Portuguese international and Real Madrid striker, Cristiano Ronaldo made the Forbes top five list of richest celebrities, Spanish prosecutors accused him of defrauding the authorities of €14.8m in unpaid taxes between 2011 and 2014.

Fifty one years after England's one and only football triumph, the nation’s Under-20 team lifted the World Cup with a ‘little’ help from Nigeria. Six of the England team that beat Venezuela 1-0 in last Sunday’s final are born to Nigerian parents.

The official inauguration of this year’s Detroit Music Weekend festival turned out to be the celebration of ’home girl’, Aretha Franklin when a street was named in her honour.

UK Prime Minister,Theresa May may have to fall on her sword just like his predecessor, David Cameron after calling a snap general elections on the strength of a perceived weak opposition which has now spectacularly backfired, losing the commanding majority the ‘Torries’ earned in the 2015 elections.

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