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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

Have you met or experienced a ‘Performance Coach’? In our politically correct obsessed world where every day occupational title is jazzed up, where personnel manager became HR, good old secretary is now administrative assistant even the bin man now go by the title of recycling operative.

You'll understand when our #GameChanger introduced himself as a performance coach after a chance meeting and i instantly  concluded, he is a motivational speaker who have cleverly adopted another highfalutin official title but at the end of  our captivating interview, I was left with no doubt that he is truly in the business of changing lives. Excepts

A British national born of a Nigerian Dad and a white Mum has sent out a moving message to Nigerians via social media to assist him in locating his long lost Dad.

A businessman who moved to Spanish sea side resort, Benidorm to hide from UK tax authorities has been jailed after he flew back to Britain to watch his favourite football team play.

Australian state leaders has backed the move for a republic saying the nation should not have to wait for the end of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign to cut ties with the British monarchy.

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