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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

Investigations into how South African mobile-phone giant MTN Nigeria illegally repatriated $13.97bn (£11.45bn) out of Nigeria illegally has laid the blame the country’s apex bank - Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and other financial regulatory agencies in collusion with some commercial banks and some highly placed individuals.

Christopher Dempsey offered to donate half his liver to a complete stranger who would later become his wife.

Econet Media’s Kwesé and ESPN have signed a deal to launch ESPN in 19 countries in early 2017. The deal combines content from ESPN with that of Kwesé’s premium sports offering.

There was a standoff yesterday 23/10/16 at the Millwall NASFAT mosque when members resisted the enforcement of an order issued by the parent leadership of the Muslim organisation in Nigeria. The UK and Ireland leadership clashed with the local congregation but things was later brought under control following the intervention of the metropolitan police.

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