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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

Nike has unveiled a new trainers which can be laced up via an app on a smartphone. Nike Adapt BB shoes has the capability to automatically tighten or loosen their fit with an app controlled from a smartphone.

With over 120 Movie appearances, Samuel Leroy Jackson is arguably Hollywood’s most bankable star but it wasn’t plain sailing for the late starter whose big break came at the age 45 in Pulp Fiction.

Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA), The Ndola City Council and the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) has ordered the immediate stop to the production and consumption of an energy drink which has been linked to causing prolonged erection.

A divorced businessman has won a refund from the alimony he paid to his fife following their divorce after discovering that the three boys he raised for 21 years were not his biological children.

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