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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

He was on a bed rest at home following a brain tumour operation, but Senator John McCain chose instead to return to the floor of the senate just in time to vote on the healthcare bill – a move hailed by President Donald Trump as ‘brave American hero’.

A video of President Robert Mugabe's son, Robert Junior jumping on cars in South Africa a few weeks after he and his brother Chatunga Bellarmine were sent packing from a luxury rented apartment in Sandton, South Africa for ‘unacceptable behaviour’.

A secondary school in Johannesburg was shut down and students barred from entering on the first day of term when angry parents stopped staff and pupils from entering the school gates protesting against the appointment of a black principal.

Former French minister and president of Olympique Marseille FC, Bernard Tapie has revealed the wired ploy he used to get the signature of then young Ghanaian football sensation, Abedi Pele Ayew in 1987.

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