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Multiplatinum R&B singer, R Kelly is the focus of women of colour movement ‘Time’s Up’ who have launched a campaign to bring him to recorking over decades of sexual assault on alleged under aged black girls.

United Nations (UN) human rights experts have expressed serious concerns about structural racism in the UK.

The international Association of Athletics federation IAAF, the world athletics governing body have come up with new regulation aimed at female runners with naturally high testosterone levels race against men or take medication to supress testosterone.

Two social workers in Kumasi Social Welfare Department in the Ashanti Region have been arrested for stealing and selling a day-old baby.

Probation Officer, Evelyn Alangeah and Justice Administration Officer, Samuel Afriyie, admit to selling the baby to a couple for over GHS16, 500.
They pair had stolen the baby from a maternity home where they arranged for the mother to deliver the baby.
The baby’s mother had sought support from the Social Welfare Departments Regional Office last year after her boyfriend abandoned her with a pregnancy. She had met Evelyn at the early stage of the pregnancy, who asked her to call back when she was due for delivery.
On due date, Evelyn took the expectant mum to a private maternity home in Kumasi, told the woman her sick baby had been referred to a nearby hospital for further observation after it was born with rashes on the neck.
Investigations by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, however, revealed Evelyn had sent the baby to the Kumasi Children’s Home, and later sold her to a couple who had applied to adopt a baby at the department.

Having sold the baby, Evelyn told the mother her baby did not survive and later took her to Tewobabi in Kenyasi near Kumasi, where she lived with her for two months.
Not believing the story that her baby died, the mother confided in a friend who advised that the issue be reported to the police.
Evelyn Alangeah was arrested on April 6, 2018 by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Ghana Police Service following investigations.

Speaking on the incident, DSP Juliana Obeng said: "Evelyn took the complainant to Tewobabi in Kenyasi in the Ashanti Region to stay with her in order to cover up her diabolical deeds."
According to her, the two officials shared the money from the sale of the baby. "Suspect Evelyn charged the couple an amount of GHS 16,500 for the adoption process. Unknown to the couple, the baby was stolen’’.

The amount, being proceeds from the sale of the baby was shared between Evelyn, Samuel Afreyie, all officers of the Social Welfare Department here in Kumasi."
Police have taken custody of the baby as they questioned managers of the private maternity home as they process the suspects for court.
"As we speak, the baby is in good condition; the baby has been taken to a home so that she could be taken care of whilst the investigation and then court proceedings also go on," she explained.




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