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Ladi Taiwo

Ladi Taiwo

Italian giants Juventus have sold a record 520,000 of Cristiano Ronaldo shirts in twenty four hours following the unveiling of the Portuguese star.

Egypt’s parliament passed a law giving the government sweeping powers to regulate traditional and social media in a move critics say will boost the Sisi’s government crackdown on free speech and opposition.

Lasia Kretzel, a Canadian reporter has slammed former U.K. Independence Party former leader Nigel Farage for sharing a photoshopped image of her at a pro-immigration event in Canada three years ago with an anti-immigration slogan passing it on as real.

Controversial Congolese musician, Koffi Olomide has been barred from entering Zambia. The 62 year old whose real name is Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba was denied access into the country over criminal charges he faces in the country and in France.

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