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An Open Letter To Ambassador George Adesola Oguntade – Nigerian High commissioner to the UK

By Published December 06, 2017

Dear Ambassador,

Issues of urgent national and reputational importance has compelled me to write you this open letter. Your reputation and exemplary public service record precedes you, hence my decision to pen this letter to you as I trust your appointment will bring about the timely sanitization at Northumberland Avenue.

That the Nigeria embassy UK is rotten is an understatement. The symbol of the Nigerian state has sank to an all-time low such that Nigerians resident in the UK are willing to go to any length to avoid dealing with the embassy. Over the years, the embassy has built a reputation of nonchalance, inefficient hub of bribery and corruption. Almost every non-Nigerian in the UK has a depressing tale or two to share about their disappointing experience at the hands of Nigeria embassy staff.

Nigerians resident outside London are practically turned destitutes on a day trip turned to days as embassy staff play god and can deny you of the service they are paid to render just for asking a question in a tone considered ‘insulting’ to their ‘lordship’.

Sir, the Nigerian embassy has successfully alienated the people they are here to serve. The clean up at Northumberland Avenue is long overdue and the first port of call is straightening out the approach of embassy staff to its publics.

Customer service is non-existent at the embassy; I suggest appropriate training for all frontline staff particularly those at the other end of the line when calls come through on the embassy phone lines. They do not only need to be courteous, they should be willing and equipped to provide information to any enquiry.

To bring back folks that have been put off dealing with the embassy, I suggest a quarterly town hall meeting to be staged in different cities around the UK where your Nigerian and non-Nigerian publics come together to bear their minds on their experiences.

It will not only endear the mission to its publics, it is also a good evaluation of the embassy’s performance directly from those that matter.

As stated earlier, your reputation precedes you and if there is anyone to clean up the Nigeria UK embassy, that person is you Sir. Your credentials from your humble beginning as a court clerk in Ibadan to the high court in Lagos and then the Supreme Court, your integrity, strength of character and exemplary human and resources management skills will no doubt be brought to bear in this huge challenge to restore the dignity of Nigeria’s diplomatic mission in the UK.

Congratulations on your appointment.

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